Finding the Best Website Builder for Beginners

Creating a website can be, in all honesty, as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Many people make the decision to simply pay for someone to make their site for them, which is usually the easiest option of all, if not the least expensive. Others, usually of a more creative or involved nature – or those hoping to save some cash – will decide to use the best website builders to create their own website.

Using the right website builder can make or break a successful website. People care about both how a site looks and how it works. An amateur looking, hard to navigate website will have people laughing at your efforts and not taking its content seriously. In this same vein, a well-designed website will add credibility to your business or concern. People will be more likely to respect and use your site if you have a well-designed, professional looking web design in place.

Now, this leads us to try to find the best website builder that the average person can use. Many factors go into choosing this. You have to ask how easy it is used, how easy it is to learn and how capable it is in making an advanced website.

The first is one of the most well-known sites, This site, which used to be known as, has long been the choice for many beginners’ websites. A website made there can be completely free of charge but your options in terms of design and function will be a little restricted but for a basic, personal website it can be perfectly serviceable and it is possible to

purchase services that will expand on this and E-Commerce options are available if they become needed.

Another one of the best website builders, according to many reviews, is Square space. Squarespace has some great marketing that has made quite a splash it the web builder world. Many impressive sites have been created using this particular web builder and its features are quite impressive for building even an advanced website.

Many drag and drop functionalities are available that help make creation go quite smoothly. There are also lots of customizable templates designed by professionals that work very well indeed. The editor can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with web design, even if you stay away from HTML code. Although the initial site is free, at some point you will have to upgrade to a paid service to keep your site going so you should keep that in mind.

Weebly is another well known, well established best website builder. Weebly is a good choice for people who are intimidated by the other, more complicated website builders. Weebly is designed with beginners or novices in mind when creating web content.

Unlike Squarespace, it is never necessary to upgrade to a paid service and there is no need to input credit card information to make an account. But if you are looking for a deep complex web builder, especially for e-commerce, Weebly is not likely the best choice. In addition, the templates are hit-and-miss. There are quite a few that are available for use, but at the same time they are not the most professional templates, some of them being a bit unsatisfactory for a professional website. But despite this, for a beginner, Weebly is probably the best website builder when it comes to approachable drag and drop functions.

When selecting the best website builder for you, make sure you are selective enough to pick out one that suits you and your business best. If you are an experienced web designer or have some design knowledge, you can easily make some fantastic sites with more advanced builders. Others may require more basic, simpler editors. Either way, make sure your concepts are all straightened out and that your ideas are drawn out before determining the best website builder.

Reasons To Avoid Low Budget Web Hosting

The question of low budget web hosting is not one dimensional. The question is not just whether low budget web hosting is good or not. Life is never that easy. You will find there are other dimensions to this question. The first question is your requirement. Yes, the requirement determines the type of web hosting you should go for. It is the requirement which would determine whether you should go for a high-cost web hosting or for low-cost web hosting. It is your requirement that will determine whether you should opt for a free web hosting service or a paid one. Thus, the first thing that you should do is to assess your own requirements.

Let us help you in this regard. Ask yourself, why you need a website. Why do you want to have a website of your own? If you are an amateur in the field of online interactions and are developing your website for the first time, there is every chance of you making decisions that won’t always be correct. If you are trying the waters, it would not be intelligent to go for a web hosting company that charges high costs. You are just testing waters, so there are many web hosting companies that would help you do it without charging you much and even for free. These low budget web hosting companies provide you almost all the necessary features that you may want to host your website. In this way, you won’t waste your money.

Contrary to that if you are planning to host your website which is very important to you or if you planning to host your website which is important to you for commercial purposes, you should always opt for reputed web hosting companies. It is true that you will be charged far more as compared to the low budget ones, but the services provided will compensate for the price charged. There are many problems with low budget web hosting companies. The first one is the lack of high quality service. You will find that the recurrent problem of downtime persists with most of these low budget web hosting companies. In addition to that you will find that these web hosting companies put much restrictions on your working.

You will get peanuts for bandwidth and disk space. And that means persons accessing your website will find it very difficult to visit your site and the ones who visit your site for the first time might not want come back again. And the problem of downtime means that you will surely lose revenues and it is not very good for the reputation of your site. So, that would hurt you in the long term. If you are operating an e-commerce site, you will find that having a low budget or free web hosting service is nothing less than sacrilege. Never opt for it. It does not put you in a good light. It shows you cannot afford to pay even for web hosting.

Believe me when it comes to quality and price, always go for quality. It will definitely be a lot cheaper in the long run!

Designing The Website Layout

A site layout needs to start the content with a clean header that states your companies name, logo, and purpose. Then the site has to perform the same tasks as a brick and mortar store:

  • Getting the attention of the visitor.
  • Keeping the attraction of the visitor.
  • Fix their attention on the information that can lead them to the desired result.
  • Move your customer to action.
  • The content layout of your site,
  • How your catalog, if you have one, is presented,
  • How your shopping cart, order processing and payment options are integrated ~
  • Are all basic to your content and site layout.

In addition, they can be complex when laying out the content for your site. But, they all relate to your site’s success.

The most important aspects of content and layout is to create a site that:

  • Conforms to your customer’s expectations~
  • Answers their questions~
  • Provides their wants and demands~

To accomplish this, you must know your customer. You need to be able to anticipate their wants, their questions and their needs.

You must be concerned both about the content of your site as well as the layout of the administrative details. How friendly and easy to use your site is will influence customer satisfaction and loyalty of your visitors.

Here are some points to consider in your layout:

The site must be easy to navigate. The buttons, if you have them, must be visible and easy to read. When your visitor first sees your site, they must understand immediately where they are and how to move around.
If you have different product lines, they must be categorized in the navigation buttons so the visitor can easily find the subject of their search.

Never frustrate your visitor with content that is not relevant to the site theme. Make your content educate your visitor. Keep the style short, clear, and focused. This will provide your visitor with the desired information and keep their attention.

Company logos, design layout and navigation buttons should be consistent in the layout on each page so the customer is comfortable in moving around your site. This will give the visitor the desire to return and use the site again.

There should be no elaborate graphics in your content. Everything should load quickly and be professionally presented. Ensure there are no spelling errors in your content.

Depending upon the number of items you are presenting, if you have a catalog in your layout, you may need a “search” feature in your content layout. A visitor who is leisurely perusing your site will not use it. However, a visitor who is focused on their search will almost always use it if it is visible when they first see your site. Customers of large sites are increasingly expecting it.